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Do You Want to Purchase Truly Custom Made Jewelry Direct From The Maker? Looking to get every piece at a "fair" retail price? Dragon Soul Jewelry's prices are far less than the big names will charge! Dragon Soul Jewelry excels in many custom crafted styles of sterling silver and gold jewelry. A large selection of Sterling Silver Skull and Biker Skull Jewelry is sure to please your wicked side.

Dragon Soul Jewelry is the place where each and every jewelry piece we sell will be custom crafted just for you. Designs are Nordic Viking, Medieval, Scandinavian, Norse, Mammen, Borre, Jellinge, & Celtic Museum Replica Jewelry. Ability to produce most designs in 10 karat to 22 karat gold is just another option. Please do keep in mind that gold weighs about twenty percent more than silver. The current gold market price on the day is what you will pay for your gold. If you are interested in making a gold piece contact me and I will assist you further. There are different costs time frames to complete your jewelry gold piece.

I will always be here to assist you in purchasing our custom made to order jewelry. At any time you can email me direct for average time frames on any piece that interests you. My service and high quality will always be a cut above others.

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