Celtic Medieval Pendants At Dragon Soul Jewelry:


Celtic Medieval Pendants In Sterling Silver are the ticket if you are an SCA, Renaissance Faire Participant, LARP or Reenactment Lover. You will love the uniquely made quality of our Sterling Silver pendants. Knights Templar, Medieval, Gothic Old World Renaissance, etc. are all here! We only offer handcrafted well made historical replica designs for the most part. Sterling Silver is the metal of choice as well as a tine accent of brass too. Period correct styling will keep you coming back for more, again and again. This is why once someone buys from us they are usually coming back soon enough for more.

We also offer custom designs if you have some extra time and have a need for that special one of a kind pendant. We are highly skilled in wax carving and custom design of all types of jewelry. Unlike sites that just buy and sell we are more than happy to discuss your ideas and work up a quote for the work of art Celtic Pendant you have always wanted. If you would like it to be cast in gold? We can accommodate that need easily. We can cast in most karats of gold as well as white.

 If there is a style deep in my heart? It is Celtic Medieval hands down. I am drawn to those styles and lifestyle. When something is so deep in your character you can never rid yourself. And furthermore? Why would you want to. It is oh so nice to know so many share my feeling and love of this wonderful period in history. Castles, Knights, Power and glory were very abundant in those days gone by. Not like the concrete and brick jungles we all live in today. At least Sterling Silver Jewelry from Dragon Soul Jewelry still has that character and feeling.

Many More Sterling Silver Celtic Amulets Coming Soon.

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