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If You Contact – Dragon Soul Jewelry we can help you make informed decisions on purchases. Perhaps you have an idea for a custom product you would like to see or have created for you? We will need artwork or a photo plus weight as well as measurements for your finished piece to be created correct. This also uniquely determines the scale of the ring or pendant per say. So please provide all necessary information in your email. That way we can then best aid you in bringing your idea to life.

We will also require a 50% deposit to begin working on your custom piece and that can be arranged and sent through PayPal. Need some more detailed information about our jewelry or leather products too? We will be sure you get that! Have a tracking question for your order or need to know when it may arrive? We can supply you the links to websites for tracking in most if not all cases. Some tracking sites may have only partial tracking but all will show delivery. This depends on your country, and mail tracking sites.

Many websites out there these days will simply pass right over your need or question without even the slightest care. Not Us! Anything you need regarding products on Dragon Soul Jewelry we are here to help. Many of our clients over the years have been pleasantly surprised what a simple email was able to achieve.

We honestly never mind questions and love to hear feedback and suggestions from our clients who do contact – Dragon Soul Jewelry. Personalized service means start to finish. Beyond that in some cases. If you have Facebook messenger we can speak direct and easily send messages with pictures back and forth. If not you can use email. Any service need possible just message or email us. You are free to contact – Dragon Soul Jewelry and you can send all email to: [email protected] or [email protected]:

mailto:[email protected]

mailto:[email protected]

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