Sterling Silver Custom Wallet Chains At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Dragon Soul Jewelry crafts some of the finest custom wallet chains out there! We make the weighty pieces as they will always stand the test of time. On occasion we may incorporate Leather and Silver for something a bit different. Why would you choose our custom wallet chains over others offered? Styles and weights we offer will easily be mush better then those pricey southern California makers.

Do you want to pay two to three thousand dollars for just a name? Far be it from us to stop you. If you want an ultimate quality chain at a realistic price point then we are your maker. Always offer something that will make you look and feel like a rock star and without mortgaging your home to get it. We know you will be happy sporting one or more of our custom wallet chains on your scoot or in the club. You will get tons of compliments and more (wink)!

Heavy Biker Viking Link Double Clip Wallet Chain Sterling Silver By Dragon Soul Jewelry

Viking Link Wallet Chain

Viking Link 925 Sterling Silver Wallet Chain Your Shopping CartHit enter to submit new Quantity. ...
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A Bit More About Wallet Chains:

What is the purpose of a wallet chain besides kick ass fashion? They are honestly very practical in a few ways. For starters they keep your wallet from getting lost. If your wallet falls out of a pocket it will let you know right away. They also guard against theft from a pick pocket. Taking a wallet from someone having one would be an act of near magic. Harley riders, skate boarders, bicycle riders know how easy a wallet can fall out. On a final note? They can also be used as a handy self defense tool. I do not think I need to go into what the wallet in hand and a heavy chain swinging around can do to an attacker. You might damage the chain but it will damage what it strikes as well. Totally legal to carry in most if not all countries too. Okay enough pro’s for the need of a well made Custom Wallet Chain. Enjoy…