Viking Link Wallet Chain


Viking Link 925 Sterling Silver Wallet Chain

Price: $549.95-USD
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver.
Overall Length: 22.5".
Weight: 208+ Grams.
Links Measure: 7X14-MM.
Belt Clips: Two.
FREE FedEx Shipment.

Silver Viking Link Wallet Chain Custom Crafted By Dragon Soul Jewelry. This one is built one at a time. Order with about a 3 week delivery to your door via FREE Fed Ex! There is nothing finer for a biker than his gear. This chain will let you know what a real Biker Wallet Chain is all about. The two clip design and pull button release set it far and above other Wallet Chains. You ride a great motorcycle? You have a custom leather wallet? Why not the best in your Wallet Chain as well? Order yours today in any length you would like. Price shown is for 22.5 inches from end to end.

Just got this BEAST!

Following up on my order! Massive and heavy and a real show piece. Looks killer on my custom biker wallet. Much Thanks Draven.

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