DSJ History and Biography For Dragon Soul Jewelry...

This may turn out to be long tail but a it is a simple one. Hopefully this will answer the unknowns about what I do and why.

It all began when I was a boy growing up in Colorado. Every summer my Mom and Dad would take me on a day trip up to the mountains in the family car. In many of those fantastic little mountain towns we went through they always had a shop or two selling Jewelry. We would stop have lunch and browse all the unique little shops. I was always fascinated by the look and feel of silver, with or without stones and a good design. I could look at the Jewelry for hours. My parents always bought me one ring per year as a special treat when on these little getaways. They were not very expensive back then (about $5) and I really looked forward to getting this annual gift that became a tradition. I cannot tell you what it meant to me and the good feelings I had looking at my new found treasure that could be worn on a finger as a young boy. WOW how perfect it felt and it was really something so meaningful at the same time. This is where and how my love of this craft and the DSJ History all started.

As I grew up it was funny that I never lost my love for Jewelry. I actually became even more drawn to it. It wasn't until the eighties that I decided to learn how to actually make some of what I had always sought after and collected. I enrolled in the local Art Institute and moved forward with all the courses on Jewelry design and creation. Being good with hand and eye it was all like a reflex for me. I was easily able to perform all the complex steps to create a fine work of art known as Jewelry. It just set into my soul and became concrete in my mind that I had found my calling. I began to move into my new career slowly while still working a day job at a real estate company. I was working at night repairing things for a few small shops in my area as a beginning. After a year of that a few art shows later, a much better knowledge of industry standards and good designs set in. After all this and many tools acquired I said to myself I think it is time for this to go full time. Imagine the fear? Was I good enough? Can I actually make enough to take care of myself? Will it last? You know..... All those silly things we ask when taking on a new venture or what others may see as a risky move. We are all the same aren't we? These things all combined to create what I am today! This is how Dragon Soul Jewelry was born.

Since those early days I am still tireless in pursuit of the best Jewelry on this planet coming off of my hand and involvement with a small circles I create with. I have had so many wonderful opportunities doing art gallery shows, street fairs, large international trade shows, and even Renaissance fairs as well as SCA events Larping. Those drew me in deeply to the Medieval and Viking historical designs. I also was really pulled in to the biker and skulls being a motorcycle rider and doing many biker events. I even had the pleasure of selling at the Harley Davidson One Hundredth Anniversary celebration in Milwaukee Wisconsin. You name it I have either attended it or sold there in the USA.

Then a large twist happened. I had the chance to meet a few Thai people doing the international gem shows and they me that I had to visit and see Thailand. Thailand is perhaps the largest maker of Sterling Silver and Gold Jewelry. It is also a major cutting center for gems and loose stones. So I decided to come over for a visit and the rest is history. My whole life I was looking for a peaceful way to live. The Jewelry scene and culture here was just a fine fit. Now I also don't mind the rush of a big city and Bangkok surely fits that. However it is the Thai culture that brings it all to a peace that can only be felt as words cannot explain it. I have been with my life partner ( a wonderful woman who is always my rock ) for over 9 years now and I inherited two boys as well in the package. They are 12 and 14 and I hope they will get more interested in Jewelry Making as a career and life path. My oldest is capable of doing quite a few of the tasks already and can draw very fine detailed jewelry also. Time will tell I guess. So now you know about my life and what we do here in Bangkok.

About a year back I decided to go to Bali and seek a small group of craftsman, artists just as I have here to make the traditional Balinese woven chains and bracelets you see that we sell and modify expanding our jewelry line. We are not some big factory with a huge staff. Just a small close knit group of people working together doing something we all love. I sincerely hope all of you our valued clientele get the same feeling I had when I was a child looking at our Handcrafted Jewelry on a finger, chain, belt, custom leather project or on anything else. This is what jewelry is meant to be and what the DSJ History creates. Meaningful things to be sought after and enjoyed...