Sterling Silver Pierced Earrings At Dragon Soul Jewelry

This is our Sterling Silver Earrings section. All will be for pierced ears only. No clip-ons! Dragon Soul Jewelry will have a fine selection of many different styles available, and all will have 925 Sterling Silver posts or wires on them. All are for normal size piercings as well. Anyone will be able to enjoy wearing our designs as long as your ears are pierced. We will not offer any clip on styles ever so please do not ask. Our earrings are all sold by pair only and cannot be sold by piece so please do not ask us to separate pairs for you. They also cannot be returned for health code reasons. We don’t think that anyone would want to put them in their ears after someone else has. We do also strongly recommend you clean them with either alcohol or peroxide before wearing them just to be safe. These like everything else we sell are 100% handcrafted and of the finest materials available to us. All carved in wax, cast, posts attached and finally on to polishing to bring on the shine and detail. Many designs are also oxidized by a chemical to bring out detailing even more. We are sure as with everything we offer you will very pleased with our designs. Thanks.

Sterling Silver Cloud Wolf Post Earrings, Dragon Soul Jewelry

Silver Cloud Wolf FFVII Post Earrings

Sterling Silver Final Fantasy Wolf Earrings Price: $29.90 Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 8.5 X 12.5-MM.
Type: Pierced, Post.
Post Size: ...
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