Fine Hand Crafted Leather Goods Collection At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Dragon Soul Jewelry Also Offers Custom Leather Goods.

Some of the best leather crafters we know will be represented in this collection. We do get involved in the making of our leather goods. We have designs and ideas that our master craftsman bring to life for us. We can do custom orders but it does take more time to create then our jewelry. Good leather, and exotic hides are difficult to source at times. Getting the best at a good price is not easy either. We do all that leg work and spend the time to bring it all together. Like every product we produce or sell there is a great amount of pride. We can rival any known makers leather goods on quality. We just figured that you should have wallets if you have wallet chains so it grew from there. Being in Asia we also have the top quality materials everyone else has to import right in our back yard. Why not join all of that together. Enjoy....