Sterling Medieval Silver Cross Lighter


Ultimate Sterling Silver Cross Lighter

Suggested Price: $399.90

Size: 2-1/4" X 1-5/8" X 1/2"
Metal: Sterling Silver.
Weight: 111.89 Grams.
Insert Lighter: Standard Size.
Available Plain with No Logo As Well!

Sterling Medieval Silver Cross Lighter handcrafted by Dragon Soul Jewelry is a premium limited edition piece. Just 2 pieces on hand. One with logo, and one without. **** Contact us if you want one added to your order! **** A lighter you will be proud to spark up with. Weather Your into Biker Gear or smoking accessories this is one finely made Medieval Cross Lighter. Nothing factory made can even come close to comparison. They lack the weight, cost far more, do not have the handmade feel, and the designs pale as well. No drop shipped garbage here on this site. We care heavily over every piece we build!

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