Heavy Viking Dragon Head Pendant


Silver Norse Dragon Pendant

Price: $94.90-USD.
Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 1-13/16" X 5/8", 41 X 16-MM.
Weight: 36.9 Grams.
Top Opening: Fit's 5-MM Chain.

Heavy Viking Dragon Head Pendant is another fine Viking Norse Pendant. Completely custom crafted in Sterling Silver with the popular ring in the mouth or door knocker design. Heavy it is as well at just under 37 grams it is a bargain! This one will not last at this price point. We only have the one on hand for the moment as well. Not sure if we will make more or not. Be sure to have a good look around our large site and see what else may be of want. There is only one in stock and you will not get a nicer heavy Viking Dragon Pendant!