Snap Covers Conchos At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Our New Snap Covers Concho Page.

This is where we will have many designs of leather crafting supplies. Mainly snap covers conchos will be made of 925 sterling silver, solid brass, and a mix of the two on some designs. We hope you will find our superior hand crafted screw back snap covers conchos the best choice for your fine leather goods. We have worked very hard to have tons of styles to choose from and we chose the best materials to work with for durability and last. Why put junk tin or inferior Chinese made pieces onto something you took time to make? Try a few of ours today…

Sterling Silver Medieval Cross Concho

Silver Small Cross Wallet Concho Price Is: $11.90 Size: 11 X 11-MM. Metal: ...
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Sterling Silver Tribal Flame Concho

Silver Flamed Cross Wallet Concho Contact us for wholesale price ...
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Fleur De Lis Wallet Snap Cover Concho Sterling Silver By Dragon Soul Jewelry

Medieval Fleur De Lis Concho Sterling Silver

Medieval Fleur De Lis Silver Concho Price Is: $36.90 Size: 22 X ...
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Sterling Silver Biker Skull Concho

Silver Skull & Roses Biker Concho Price Is: $31.90 Size: 25-MM Diameter. Metal: ...
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Brass Biker Skull Wallet Chain Connector made by Dragon Soul Jewelry

Brass Biker Skull Wallet Chain Connector

The Skull Wallet Chain Connector Contact us for wholesale price. Metal: Brass. Size: ...
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A Bit About Conchos And Snap Covers:

The word concho comes from the Spanish “concha” which actually means “conch” or “seashell” but has come to mean round, oval and other shaped disks of sterling silver and other metals used to decorate belts, vests, pouches, purses, saddles, and more. Mainly used as jewelry such as pendants and bolo neck ties and for adorning or making belts. This form of finishing leather goods has been around for along time and even today continues to be the way to go for accents, and finishing that special leather project.