Solid Silver Odins Wolf Thors Hammer


Viking Norse Wolf Thors Hammer

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Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 1-9/16" X 1-1/8".
Fit's Chains Up To: 3.1-MM
Weight: 24 Grams.

Solid Silver Odins Wolf Thors Hammer is filled with historical correct period Viking Style. It is also SOLID with no hollow at the back. Nice Odin head at the top and one of his wolves at the bottom. Our Viking jewelry is made one piece at a time and not mass produced. It is also sterling silver or brass if you choose crafted with care. Not the same by any stretch when compared to the sites now all jumping in selling alloy garbage for Thirty to forty dollars including a chain. Want a great skin infection? Buy those! Want real silver and real handcrafting without the rash involved? Buy ours! SIMPLE.... You cannot keep good return clientele with junk and low under market prices. It will not last that way ever.

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