Viking Bracelets And Torcs At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Viking Bracelets at Dragon Soul Jewelry are some of the best custom crafted Sterling Silver Viking Designs in the world. If you are doing reenacting, SCA, LARP or Renaissance events our Viking Jewelry will be perfect for you. We have many styles of Norse historical replica weave bracelets as well as made to order in different lengths. We will be adding to the Sterling Silver Viking Jewelry line as time permits. Unlike some shops we will surely never rush to get an item into production.

Equally important: Great Viking Arm Torcs take time to craft and we will make the sacrifice. A poor product takes little time to complete! So bare with us as we create new designs. Couple that with our exemplary service level and you have a winning combination. We know you will be choosing Dragon Soul Jewelry as your go too source for all things Viking too!


Ritual gifting was the basis of Viking society. Arm torcs, Viking bracelets, necklaces and rings were given out by lords as marks of favor when the treasure hoard was divided up in the village. The old nordic tradition is so popular that the words “ring-giver” are on the same level as the word “king”. Arm bands were popular because they allowed one to show off wealth. Wearing them on the arm surely kept them safe too.

The bands were normally made of pure metals (Sterling Silver or Gold). Usually, a band would be made by twinning a golden wire around an iron rod, which was typical of Viking jewelry making. There are many examples of Norse bracelets & torcs in museums. Gift rings also play a big role in Norse literature, like “Beowulf,” which deals heavily with the giving of gelt as well as the politics of olden days as a focus.

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