Viking Jewelry Collection At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Viking Jewelry Collection Page is all about Nordic Thor's Hammer Pendants, Nordic Viking Bracelets, Norse Viking Pendants, and Norse Viking Necklaces will be featured in one of the largest collections of Viking Jewelry on the web. Dragon Soul Jewelry always carries a huge selection of Nordic, Norse Styled Viking Jewelry. We will be adding many Viking Jewelry pieces as they are finished. Most if not all of our Nordic Viking Jewelry will be cast in 925 Sterling Silver. Every Piece we craft has been properly designed, carved and polished by hand. We will also carry pieces with Elder Futhark Runes. The Runic Norse Germanic Viking Language. There are many styles within the Viking Jewelry motif. We will try to offer most if not all of them so you will have choices galore. We really enjoy the Nordic styles much more than any other style we craft. We have a very deep spiritual connection to that historical time and the styles of jewelry. The Vikings were instrumental in many things we have in the world today. The Norse were a robust and hearty culture with simple rules and traditions. Many people do not really understand there culture and gods but for them again it was all simple. Every Viking male hoped to pass on in battle. There was no greater honor, and for your reward you earned a place in Valhalla. You could battle every day. Sit at the table with Odin at night feasting on the best in food and drink after a long day of battle. What more could a Norse man ask for? They also traveled the world long before many cultures could even dream so much. They had a great working knowledge of ship building and navigating the sea's as well.