Viking Necklaces And Neck Chains At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Sterling Silver Viking Necklaces handcrafted at Dragon Soul jewelry. We will have some great Viking Norse style chains in this category. Many will feature finely detailed finals at the chain ends. This was a big thing during the Viking Days of old. Many designs we make will be period correct, historically accurate. Our Sterling Silver Viking Necklaces will be of premium heirloom quality by design. Dragon Soul jewelry is a one stop for all your Sterling Silver Viking Jewelry needs.

History On Viking Knit, And Viking Necklaces:

Approximately 1,300 years ago the Nordic Vikings started to use pieces of gold and silver thin wire to weave ropes. Furthermore these wire ropes were then stretched and made into jewelry for hierarchy and powerful Viking leaders of that time. This wire weaving is called viking knit or trichinopoly chain. There are several weave variations also. Of course these ropes were not suitable for armor as it really was not flexible enough (probably the original intention).

Chain mall became the choice for that. These Viking woven ropes were perfect for jewelry and strong as well. There were often finals (chain ends) added to make the chains even more special. Most of the finals or terminals depicted animals or mythological creatures. Some were intricate geometric designs on the caps.

There also had to be a clasp for closing the chain. They were very smart in creating a hook that was both a clasp and pendant holder for the Nordic Viking necklaces. Even today in our modern world this clasp is still being used. It also resembles the letter “M” with the outsides clasping the chain equally. The Nordic pendant or amulet was hung from the middle bottom. For a necklace clasp without pendant? A simple “S” shape works very well. Each end of the chain is held on the clasp loops. Before the invent of the chain Nordic people or Vikings used beads and string of some form to make uniquely crafted necklaces.

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