Viking Pendants At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Sterling Silver Viking Pendants At Dragon Soul Jewelry. Here you will find a good collection of Authentic Historical Replica and Sterling Silver Norse Pendants. We will make many styles for both men and women to wear. Our Nordic inspired pendants are completely hand crafted and only Sterling silver is used for the most part. Just like the Vikings we do not use stainless steel or alloys! HaHa to the drop shippers about! Our Nordic pendants are not just for the Viking Lovers anymore either! We have found that many Sterling Silver Biker Jewelry buyers are also after these designs of recent. Do you have any suggestions for new designs or something you want made? Just contact us and we will do our best to create reality.


A Brief History About Viking Amulets

The Vikings wore many different types of pendants other then the stock standard Thor’s Hammer as it was not always about symbolic meaning. Norse Figures, animals, various geometric shapes and knot work were favored heavily in days of old. Men and women alike in Viking society wore jewelry, often in the form of arm rings, necklaces and brooches. Some of the jewelry was pure ornamental but it also often indicated wealth or status. Old societies often appreciated fine craftsmanship as much as we do today. Status still is what it is as well.

Other jewelry items, such as brooches, often had a practical function as well. They were used to fasten clothes keeping things secure and in place. Just look to any historical museum and you will find there were loads of viking pendants. Some of the most favored designs were of Odin, Freya, Wolves, Bears, Fox, Serpent and more. Viking Pendants played a big part in the jewelry making game for sure. Honestly Vikings wore just about as much jewelry as any culture across history and maybe more than most.

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