Viking Rings At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

We offer many styles and designs of Nordic Viking Rings. Some of our ring designs will have Elder Futhark Runes about the design. This was the written language in that time. Runes are similar to logographic writing today used in Japanese and Chinese. What it means? One rune can mean a word or it can also be a letter. Runic rings are a must have for some collectors. We will offer many styles with and without runes. A good Viking Ring will most always feature a Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer, mythological symbol or Viking Beast in the design.

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A Viking Ring And Jewelry History:

Nordic Vikings surely must have loved jewelry judging from the archaeological dig evidence found in many sights. As ceremonial offerings viking rings for the finger were sometimes exchanged and an oath might be taken on an arm ring in a local temple or at a temporary altar. Usually when Viking men swore elegance to an earl or lord. They most likely exchanged jewelry during marriage ceremonies much as we do to this day. Vikings wore many types of jewelry, requisite brooches along with the arm and viking finger rings, neck rings, and yes even toe rings. These Nordic or Norse rings were made from silver, gold and sometimes jet or other materials. Necklaces often were made of silver, domestic glass, bronze, and amber beads. Some were made with imported semi-precious stones such as crystal, carnelian or obsidian. The Norse Vikings traveled to many places. This afforded plenty of opportunity to acquire precious metals, jewelry objects, and materials for making them. Pendants were also very popular as we all know about mjolnirs (Thors Hammer Pendants). Nordic Vikings were quite capable of making jewelry. Great craftsman in there day for sure. We hope our clientele will enjoy the historical information we try to gather about all our Viking Jewelry. Enjoy…