Silver Bali Viking 14.5MM Link Bracelet


Silver Viking 14.5MM Bracelet

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Metal: Sterling Silver.
Length Is: 8".
Width Is: 14.5-MM.
Weight Is: 70+ Grams.

Silver Bali Viking 14.5MM Link Bracelet completely handcrafted by Dragon Soul Jewelry is a great Chainmaille styled Viking Bracelet that is a bit less wide then the other we have as well. This fine Viking Bracelet is Sterling Silver and 100% handcrafted as all our items are. Why buy pewter or base metal that is being copied and called Viking Jewelry? That low quality stuff ( I won't even call it jewelry) is all being drop shipped from China by many looking to cash in on the Viking Scene. If you care for what you wear and want something to last a lifetime? Buy quality. Thanks.

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