Silver Viking Link Chain Bracelet


Viking Infinity Link Chain Bracelet

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Metal: Sterling Silver.
Length Is: 8-3/4".
Weave Is: 11.5-MM Wide.
Weight Is: 2.95 Troy Ounces, 91.78 Grams.

Silver Viking Link Chain Bracelet is a great new piece we have just finished work on. The infinity links are solid and not hollow and this one lays very well on the wrist. Nice and comfortable to wear. We make all of our Viking Bracelets and other styles with the wearer in mind. Who the hell wants to look great and feel a scratchy or uncomfortable piece hanging from the wrist? I for one do not! This is why when buying any Jewelry you should carefully consider the piece and the maker. I see many fantastic looking pieces but I know they will not feel right when worn.

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