Celtic Lion Anchor Link Necklace


Celtic Lion Anchor Chain Necklace

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Metal: Sterling Silver.
Length: 21-1/4" or 53.97-CM.
Lion Heads Are: 10.5 X 13-MM.
Anchor Links Are: 8 X 11-MM.
Cross Links Are: 3 X 9.5-MM.
Weight: 105 Grams, 3.35 Troy Ounces.

Celtic Lion Anchor Link Necklace. A VERY fine detailed Double Lion Head Limited Edition Chain. Powerful is the statement this makes. Can be made as a Bracelet or any length neck chain. Perfect for sporting on your scoot, in the club or at one of the many SCA or Renaissance Fairs coming up this spring! Just vision a favored pendant suspended from the front ring in between the Lions. Be the one to have this limited edition necklace to sell to your clients. Another fine piece 100% custom hand made by: Dragon Soul Jewelry.

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