Silver Viking Bone Battle Axe Pendant


Sterling Silver Norseman's Axe Pendant

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Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 2" X 1/2"+.
Fit's Chains Up To: 4-MM.

Our Silver Viking Bone Battle Axe Pendant. You will not see any others with authentic viking jewelry style like this around the net. This is a well detailed 3D double sided Pendant. The Axe was a favorite Viking War Weapon! This one is no different except in size. Fine detailing throughout this piece. Just check the photos for more on the carving and detail. Very Traditional in design! It is Solid Sterling Silver and is beefy enough to stand the test of time as well. High Quality Sterling Silver will last a lifetime with proper care. Perfect craftsmanship all around! Another fine Viking Jewelry piece 100% custom hand made by: Dragon Soul Jewelry...

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