Silver Nordic Thors Rune Hammer Ring


Thor's Rune Hammer Viking Ring

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Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 8 to 14-US.
Weight Is: 19+ Grams.
Top Measure: 3/4" or 18-MM.
Same Ring Others Have Hollow!

Silver Nordic Thors Rune Hammer Ring Custom By Dragon Soul jewelry. Sure you have seen the copies of this ring about. The difference? Those weigh far less and are hollowed out under the top area as well. Maybe they weigh 9 grams compared to or 19! Now if that is your preference fine but we think this design deserves to be solid and stout. The other inferior ones are usually going to be more of the drop shipped type than anything else. Quality or not. That we leave to you to decide. Contact us for your wholesale order.

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