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Sterling Silver Viking Nordic Jewelry and Celtic Jewelry. Do You Want to Purchase Truly Custom Made Sterling Silver Viking Norse Jewelry and Celtic Medieval Jewelry Direct From The Maker? Looking to get every piece at a "fair" retail price? Dragon Soul Norse Jewelry's prices are far less than the big names will charge! Our Viking Thor's Hammer category is growing daily too! Dragon Soul Jewelry excels in many custom crafted styles of sterling silver and gold jewelry. Our services and custom design capabilities are second to none. We also carry a line of Sterling Silver Biker Jewelry for those into the Skulls!

Dragon Soul Jewelry is the place where every Sterling Silver Viking Norse Jewelry and Celtic Jewelry piece we sell will be custom hand crafted. Designs are Viking, Celtic Medieval, Scandinavian, Norse, Mammen, Borre, Jellinge, & Museum Quality Replica Jewelry. We have the ability to produce most designs in 10 karat to 22 karat gold as another option to our buyers. Please do keep in mind that gold weighs about twenty percent more than silver. The gold market price on the day of deposit is what you will pay for gold. If you are interested in making a gold piece contact me and I will assist you further.

I will always be here to assist you in purchasing our custom made to order jewelry. At any time you can email me direct for average time frames on any piece that interests you. My service and high quality will always be a cut above others. Want Wholesale Sterling Silver Viking Jewelry or Celtic Jewelry? Just contact us! We can make it easy for you. If your looking for our Biker jewelry focused site? Please click the link below. A new window will open.
Https://www.sinistersilver.co There is a ton of GREAT Sterling Silver Biker Jewelry There! Thanks.

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What Our Clientele Has To Say About Dragon Soul Jewelry.
  • If I could give 10 stars I would. Been buying from them for years. Everything has been quality above!
  • My ring arrived today. It took awhile but that was the mails fault. A very heavy piece that is made very well.
  • WOW I am so happy with my new bracelet. The quality is amazing and so heavy. I will be back. 🙂
  • Just got my custom wallet chain today that was made to my spec and it is AMAZING! GREAT JEWELRY!!!
  • Small shipping delay but the piece made up for that. I look forward to my next ring from these guys.
  • Just placed order for a custom wallet chain. They were very helpful. Will comment more on receiving it. Thanks.
  • Got my new favorite Thors Hammer Just Today. Great pendant for sure. I want more! Thanks.
  • Great designs and a wonderful site. They made me my dream 1 of a kind design. So helpful! I love it. Thanks.
  • I am so stoked! Ordered a bad ass wallet chain today. cannot wait for it to get here. I will review again when it does.


This is what Dragon Soul Jewelry clients think about our jewelry and services we have given them with their purchases. We hope you will find this information useful in making the choice to purchase and order from us. We will always do our very best for you. We are just an email away each and every day! Thanks and do enjoy our website.