Cellphone Cases & Covers Designed By Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Custom cell phone cases, covers, & sleeves for your phone.

Custom Cellphone Cases by Dragon Soul jewelry. Just like all of our leather goods the cases we sell will be hand crafted using only the finest materials and care. I have a good friend who also does motorcycle seats. He is a great carver and from time to time I can get him to make a case or two. It isn’t easy to make custom phone cases for all the models of phones out there. Getting the fit just right is very important. They should fit like a glove but still let you remove the phone easily. Most of you have the newest nicest phone. Why not have a case or pocket sleeve to protect your investment.

Our cases not only protect for scratching but also will absorb impact on drops. How many of us drop a phone by accident? Plenty. The damage that can cause is not easily reversed in most cases. With the current prices for flagship iPhone, Samsung and others? Why the hell would you not spend a few bucks to avoid problems. Our sleeve types also shield you a bit from the EMF all phones emit. Think about how close your phone is to your family jewels! Need I say more?

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