Custom Belt Buckles At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Sterling Silver Custom Belt Buckles At Dragon Soul Jewelry. Sterling Silver Belt Buckles for everyone are here. We make many types and styles. One piece or two piece buckles as well as Celtic, Viking, and Biker Skull designs will all be offered for. All will be of Sterling Silver or Silver and Brass mixed media. We offer custom designs on request if you have artwork or a photo. We will require a deposit to begin work on your custom buckle design. Good work takes time so be prepared for that as well. During off peak times we may be able to complete your design in as little as 30 days time. Please don’t hesitate to fire off an email for more information on this process. Enjoy our Buckle offerings.

Some History On Belt Buckles:

Dating back to the Bronze Age, both men and women have worn belt buckles. In Eastern culture Chinese fashion was a long tunic with a belt buckle around their waist. Belt buckles were extremely ornate and were a sign of wealth and status. Seems showing your style has not changed across history. Even Germanic people wore belt buckles that represented animals engaged in mortal combat, and depicting their violent way of life during that time period.

Many people collect belt buckles. Buckles made during a particular historic period can be extremely valuable and sought after. Some of the most valuable custom belt buckles are now only seen in museums. Many collectors prize certain designs including Viking, Art Nouveau, Celtic, Biker Skulls, Western, and Civil War designs.

Today’s modern society wears belt buckles as a form of self-expression and fashion. Custom belt buckles come in a vast assortment of shapes types, and sizes and have evolved into a must-have fashion accessory. Dragon Soul Jewelry hand crafts some of the best around.

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I have purchased 2 buckles and they are great. Fast Fed Ex delivery is FREE Thanks.

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