Custom Pendants At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Dragon Soul Jewelry makes some of the best Sterling Silver Custom Pendants you will see. Nearly every style and design will be available on our website. We will mainly make Viking and Celtic Pendants with some Biker designs present too. As any good jewelry craftsman knows. Sterling Silver is what we also prefer. No alloys! We can also make anything you see in karat golds. Something no one else can offer as they do not make what they sell. No matter your style or design Dragon Soul Jewelry can make it happen!

Historical Information On Pendants:

The oldest known sterling custom pendants, medallions, amulets found were from prehistoric times. They date back to eleven or twelve thousand years ago. Simple and crude as they were they were still pendants. They were just basic shapes made from bone and hung on cord of some type. What does this prove? Almost as far back as the discovery of fire. Man has wanted an amulet, medallion or pendant to wear for whatever reason. This has grown and grown over time.

During the medieval age pendants took on the shape of crosses. Worn as a religious item yet also proving a sign of status and or wealth. We all know of the Vikings and Thor’s Hammers (Mjollnirs). Seems we have a big fascination with the wearing of something meaningful around our necks. Once chains came along this opened up a whole new world of possibility. A way to wear that amulet or medallion with yet another Fine fashion accessory. Still extremely popular today and surely far into the future we will always want to wear pendants, amulets and medallions. Like matches and fire! Styles and designs grow daily so we can all take joy that our favorite will be made available to us.

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