Jewelry Care by Dragon Soul Jewelry.


Jewelry Care is very essential and Dragon Soul Jewelry will provide some very useful information on how to properly care for your jewelry from A to Z.

Some very useful tips and common household items you can use to beautify and clean your silver jewelry.

So let’s get started with what to clean your silver with. We highly recommend a good quality cleaner that you can easily pick up in your local grocery store. A couple of brands are “Wrights” and “Hagerty’s Brand”. They are usually on the home cleaning products aisle. If you cannot find them you can get them both on Amazon. I personally have used both with great results. Hagerty’s actually makes a fine polishing cloth as well. Those can be picked up at local jewelry shops mainly. I “do not” recommend any types of dip cleaners. They can strip out the antiquing and destroy the finish.

Jewelry care items in the home.

Common household mixes you can use are gel toothpaste, baking soda and lemon, and a few others that you can search for on google. Always be sure no matter the cleaner you use. Rinse well and use an old retired toothbrush to get all the recessed areas clean to show the antiquing if oxidized to show detail.

Once you have your piece of jewelry tarnish free it is time to use a soft cloth to bring up a shine. This is where the jewelry polishing cloths come in handy. Buff to a nice gleam. If you do not have a jewelry cloth? A cotton towel will do in a pinch. Once you have the shine back your ready to again enjoy wearing that treasured piece.

Now onto some quick don’ts. I do not recommend you ever swim with your favorite silver on. Chlorine in swimming pools will actually oxidize silver in a very short time. Many people are not aware of this. It is simply a chemical reaction between chlorine and silver. Those who are aware have probably had it happen to them. That black oxidation is a devil to remove once you have gotten it there!

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