Key Chains & Key Rings At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Sterling Silver key chains, key rings abound and are here in a few different styles. We will offer nothing but precious metal. Our key Chains, key rings are suitable for keeping keys safe with the look you want. It is totally up to you as to what you would like to use them for and how. The statement our Key Chains will make is what most desire. The keys to that special car and or motorcycle deserve a special key chain! Most if not all of our key chains will have a belt clip to attach to either a belt loop or on to the belt directly.

A History Brief On Key Holders:

Key rings have been around since early in the 19th century. An example the making of a key ring is a single piece of metal wound into a double loop and formed to a coil. That is still in use today as the very secure split ring we all know. Either end of the loop can be lifted up and then allows a key to be run around the spiral until it goes onto the ring completely securing it. Key Rings are often teamed up with a fob and that makes the key chain.

A fob can be anything but the most common material today is plastic. Cheap and inexpensive too! More elaborate ones are made of pewter and plated in either a gold or silver tone. So none of these have precious metals used in the making. Some common fobs could be small flashlights, compasses, calculators, penknives, bottle openers, security tokens and today even USB flash drives too. Others make a statement with advertising, and or a souvenir often purchased to remember that vacation spot or special attraction.

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