Lighters and Cases At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

We will have mostly cases in this category but will also feature a few Supreme lighters crafted in sterling silver. Hence lighters and cases. The cases will be offered in two types. Leather for belt carry and sterling silver cases or sleeves to hold a disposable lighter. Our lighters and cases like everything we do will be of high caliber and quality. There might not be many but they will be top notch!

Lighters History.

Until the turn of the century, the only thing available for lighting smoking tobacco was a match carried in a box or match safe. By 1900, many smokers were looking for an easier simple way to light their cigarettes, cigars and pipes. In 1910, an Austrian named: Carl Auer Von Welsbach revolutionized making flame by using flint to create spark. This ignited (no pun intended) the development of lighters and was responsible for an immediate explosion of manufacturers in the U.S.A. as well as in Europe.

The lighter as we know it was born. In 1929, Elgin manufactured its new Watch Lighter, which was a cigarette lighter and watch combination. Pretty innovative! From then on many companies made refillable lighters that were often kept for years. A simple flint and a fill and you were good to go. During the WW1 the trench lighter was created. Windproof was the name of the game. Many soldiers smoked and by WW2 lighters had evolved but the basic windproof reliable design was still the choice of most smokers. By 1961, a French corporation named Feudor invented and marketed the first disposable lighter named The Stick, later to be called Cricket.

I think Fueder is still around today. The introduction of a cheap disposable lighters would have a big impact on the lighter industry. Soon manufacturers of lighters around the world were put out of business. We are reviving the lighter that lasts a lifetime, makes a statement, and is a thing of beauty!

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