Mens Biker Rings At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Mens Biker Rings in Sterling Silver are not just for bikers anymore. Just what the skull doctor recommends! A fine biker skull ring from Dragon Soul Jewelry. biker skulls, outlaw MC skulls, goth skulls, masonic skulls, and more! Look no further. Do you have a great biker skull ring idea your really needing but you do not know how to make sterling silver jewelry? Let us design and make it for you. We will handle all of the mechanical details to get you something that all the other silver biker skull ring wearers can only drool over. Both Sterling Silver and karat Golds can be used to create your work of art.

Some Historical Facts About Skull Rings:

Silver Skull rings, biker rings, skeletons and other memento mori skull jewelry has been around for at least 500 years. It plays a big role on masonic rings, and skull and bones jewelry designs. It was also part of WW2 sterling silver death skull rings (for a more grim side). In Mexican culture they celebrate the day of the dead (dia de muertos) again with sugar skulls. The original concept was most likely to remind the wearer of their own mortality and is also a day to pay respects to those who have passed on. Live to the fullest! Complete your bucket lists as well.

Since then, silver skull rings have had many different interpretations and misinterpretations too. These days it is now popular with a huge growing number of people. Rock stars, bikers, soccer moms to teenagers in the goth and punk fashions. Even collectors of antique sterling silver skull rings and skull jewelry are popping up. I really see the skull & skeleton motif as a constant reminder to make the most of every day and live.

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