Misc Jewelry Collection Page At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Misc Jewelry is somewhat of a Dragon Soul Jewelry catch all styles collection page. Here we will also have miscellaneous items that are not currently in other collections because of the type or design. This category contains several types of jewelry all are equally important too! Uniquely Custom Pendants, Key Chains, Key Rings, Lighters, Lighter Cases, and Custom Belt Buckles all in Sterling Silver. Whenever I make an odd style it falls in here. Moreover I will be trying to work these into new jewelry collections as time permits. We hope there will not be a need for a Misc Jewelry collection in the future as the site always grows. There are always going to be fantastic items that just can't go into a strict design category or collection. Custom unusual and uniquely designed Sterling Silver pieces are in this category for you to browse and to enjoy. After all you can always look here to see many, very cool uniquely made jewelry items. When you make Custom Silver Jewelry? There is always another design as well as another page need. In fact? It gets especially crazy trying to figure it all out once a site comes together. No matter how hard you try. It is damn near impossible to straight categorize every style, type and design. Finally in the end we just gave up and made this miscellaneous page. We also have a second site www.sinistersilver.co purely focused on the Biker jewelry that might be the ticket for many of you liking that line. This is primarily our Viking Jewelry and Celtic Jewelry site with the Medieval flavor all about. We hope you will find something you must have in the Misc. Section! Don't miss any of the great Silver Jewelry Works in this section! Questions? You can now easily use the new chat button on the bottom right of every page.

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