Skull Pendants At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

This is where you will see the most twisted in Sterling Silver Biker Skull Pendants. We will have Old School, Demons and Devil Silver Biker Skull Pendants, Day Of The Dead Skull Pendants, and Masonic Skulls just for starters. Enjoy our Sterling Silver Biker Skull Pendant Category that will be growing as time allows.

Historical Fact Surrounding Skulls:

The Knights Templar and skulls. From about the 1100’s to the 1300’s, the Knights Templar’s used the skull & crossbones on a red flag. The Knights Templar’s were a superb Christian fighting force that sailed ships in support of the Holy Crusades during that time. Their flag depicted the burial practice of the Knights Templar’s. This “Red Flag” was referred to as the”joli rouge. Anyone knowing a bit of history knows of the Knights Templar. Some of the fiercest fighters of their time. Many priests and nuns also have a crucifix hanging and perhaps under Christ there is a skull and crossbones. Probably a reminder of life’s fragile nature.

We all know of the Jolly Roger Flags flown high on pirate ships as well. Moreover skulls to many are a reminder of death they also can be a warning. The Masons also use the skull on rings and skull pendants. They symbolize many things that not everyone thinks of. Some people foolishly believe skulls can only mean death. This is simply and surely just not true. Every living animal has a skull. What is inside that wonderful piece of bone? A brain. Undoubtedly one of the greatest computers known to man! Just remember your life, and your brain next time you see someone wearing a skull ring or skull pendant. Surely you must have heard that things are not always what they seem to be on the surface. Trust your own beliefs when it comes to Silver Skull Jewelry.

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