Viking Thor’s Hammers At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Sterling Silver Viking Thor’s Hammer Pendants are here as well as many fine pieces of Viking Nordic style jewelry! Wolf Hammer Pendants, Dragon Hammer Pendants, Rune Hammer Pendants, Ram Hammer Pendants, Knotwork Hammer Pendants and many other kinds of Nordic and Norse Mjölnirs (the english meaning is: crusher). Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir symbolizes The power and might of Thor. (Nordic, Norse God Of Thunder as well as Fertility!)

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Viking Thor’s Hammer Pendants Info.

Dragon Soul Jewelry Thor’s Hammer Pendants are Sterling Silver. Thor’s Hammers, also know as Mjollnir – Mjölnir – Mjøllnir. This is a type of Norse pendant found in many Viking burial sites around the world. Wearers of the Thor’s hammer pendant hope to invoke the favor of the thunder god Thor. Viking Thor’s Hammer pendants are the amulet of power and protection worn by many norse people across history too. Even today moreover the Mjolnir has great significance to modern man. I craft some of the finest you will find online. Nothing is ever drop shipped and you will be dealing direct with the maker. We also make all our Thor’s Hammers in karat golds of several types. If your interested you can use the chat with us button from any page!

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