Sterling Silver Heavy Skane Thor’s Hammer Pendant


Sterling Silver Heavy Skane Thor's Hammer Pendant

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Sterling Silver Heavy Skane Thor's Hammer Pendant is filled with historical correct Nordic period Viking Style. It is also SOLID and double sided with both sides the same. Either way you wear this beast it looks great. Our Viking jewelry is not the same by any stretch when compared to the sites now all jumping in selling alloy garbage for thirty to forty dollars including a chain. Want a great skin infection? Buy those! Want real silver and real handcrafting without the rash involved? Buy ours. SIMPLE! ****** Just a heads up also. ****** Normally we have stock on this design but we sell so many we often run out so do contact us! Thanks.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 1-1/2" X 1-3/8".
Fit's Chains Up To: 5-MM.
Weight Is: 36 Grams.

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