Viking Thor’s Hammer Giant Skane Sterling Silver


Viking Thor's Hammer Giant Skane Sterling Silver

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Viking Thor's Hammer Giant Skane Sterling Silver Pendant is a HUGE SOLID Sterling Silver Hammer to put it lightly. Nice carving as well as a traditional look throughout the entire Nordic Skane Sweden design. Even the back side of this Mjölnir is a work of art with fine detailed cut work. We also have a similar design in both size and weight completed also. I may just keep that one and I am not yet sure. Unlike the trend drop shipped sites with the Chinese alloy just cashing in these days? I will always be making these and more because I love the Vikings history and the designs! I pride myself on the correctness of design, great service, and fine quality work from end to end.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 54mm X 37 X 7mm.
Fit's Chains Up To: 7mm.
Weight: 2.28 Ounces Of Silver.

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