Viking Icelandic Lion Thor’s Hammer


Viking Icelandic Lion Thor's Hammer

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Viking Icelandic Lion Thor's Hammer Pendant is now complete with a period correct Sterling Silver Nordic hook for your chain. This will work perfectly with any chain or necklace with loops at the ends. Moreover since the hook is right in front you will not have the clasp scratching your neck. Very comfortable! The Vikings thought hard about what they created I guess. Makes it so easy to wear and clasp as well as a quick on and off. Now... A Lion may not really be a part of Viking history but it deserves some attention as it is just so bold. If Vikings knew of the mighty Lion they would have ranked them high! We all know the Wolf and Bear played huge parts in Viking Norse life. The Lion would have not played less.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 1-3/4" X 1-1/16"
Chains: Any With End Loops.
Weight Is: 25+ Grams.

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