Viking Norse Wolf Thor’s Hammer


Viking Norse Wolf Thor's Hammer

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Viking Norse Wolf Thor's Hammer Mjölnir Pendant is filled with historical correct period Nordic Viking Style. It is also SOLID Sterling Silver and no hollowing on the back side. Uniquely detailed face of Odin at the top and one of his Wolves at the bottom. Our Viking jewelry is handcrafted one piece at a time and not mass produced like others that just buy and sell. We make sterling silver but brass is available as a choice also. Not the same by any stretch when compared to the sites now all jumping in selling alloy garbage for thirty to forty dollars including a alleged stainless steel chain. Cheap prices usually guarantees garbage!

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 1-9/16" X 1-1/8".
Fit's Chains Up To: 3.1-MM
Weight: 24 Grams.

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