Silver Viking Knit Bracelet Odin’s Wolves


Silver Viking Knit Bracelet Odin's Wolves

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Silver Viking Knit Bracelet Odin's Wolves. We are in the process of re mastering the heads to be a bit smaller and lighter but you can see this as example. By SPECIAL ORDER! Please inquire before order placement and we will let you know what is up. This Silver Viking Weave Wolves Bracelet was a total one of a kind and not available anywhere but here. It is also in my opinion the finest made Viking Wolf Bracelet you will ever see! Take a good long look at the pictures and realize your looking at something to be in awe of. The plain truth? I was sad to see this one go as I poured my heart into it's creation. Easily comparable to Bracelets costing far far more and you can check that easily by searching the web! All your going to get with those is a name. Perhaps a small logo stamp on the clasp. Exclusively Custom handcrafted by: Dragon Soul Jewelry.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Length Is: 8 to 9".
Weave Is: 12-MM Wide & 9.8-MM Thick.
Wolves Measure: 5 X 18 X 25-MM.
Weight Is: Over 1/4 Pound.
Last one sold for $849.90