Sterling Silver Viking Berserker Bracelet


Sterling Silver Viking Berserker Bracelet

Price: $279.90.

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Sterling Silver Viking Berserker Bracelet! Its a KILLER! Look at all the fine detailing and hand carving on this wicked Bracelet. One hell of a limited edition piece for sure. Just the one on hand at this time but easily made to order in 2 weeks with deliver in under 3! FREE  Fed Ex is included in our promotional pricing. Can be made in any length and even as a Necklace or Wallet Chain. So if you have any need of question on this one? Get in touch with us using our new chat button in the bottom right corner.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Length: 9" or 22.86cm.
Skulls Measure: 12 X 14mm.
Weight: 2-1/2 Ounces!
Theme: Vikings Bikers, Skulls.

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