Viking Waterfall Weave Bracelet


Viking Waterfall Weave Bracelet

Price: $629.90-USD.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Length Is: 8-1/2", 21.59CM.
Width Is: 20MM.
Weight Is: 140+ Grams.
Why Pay $900+ From Buddha To Buddha?

Viking Waterfall Weave Bracelet at Dragon Soul Jewelry is a finely custom crafted HUGE Viking Bracelet. Want a Viking truck around your wrist? This is it! Without any doubt this is one of the finest Viking Mens Bracelets you will ever see as well as own. Moreover this one is really easy on your wallet when you compare what others pricing is! We are the maker and can provide factory direct pricing which they will not share with you ever. We can also wholesale larger quantities if you need more then one. Just contact us and we will share the photos of what is available. We literally have 10's of thousands of photos of past, present, and future works. Many of them are fine Viking Jewelry too. I know you have lots of choices for deal pieces but something like this will never ever be on those sites. I so want to keep this for myself! It just makes you feel on top of everything when you wear it. The big Bali well knowns are insane for the pricing they want and they do not have the weight this does. FREE Fed Ex shipment is also included in the price. 3 to 5 day arrival to you.

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