Silver Viking Odeshog Thor’s Hammer Ring


Silver Viking Odeshog Thor's Hammer Ring

Price: $119.90.

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Silver Viking Odeshog Thor's Hammer Ring is a very "BOLD" and "HEAVY" Mens Mjölnir Ring. Made to order in just 2 weeks time. Perfect for those wanting to make a visual impact! Very fine hand cut detailing throughout with the Ödeshög Style Hammer on top and the Nordic designed sides. We have a lot getting finished in Sterling Silver Viking Jewelry of every type so be sure to see them all. D.S.J. can also custom craft in karat gold. Want this one in 10, 14, 18k? If you have the need? Get in touch with us using our new chat button in the bottom right corner. **** Be sure to let us know your size need at purchase time so we can begin right away.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Sizes: 9 to 14-US.
Top Measures: 1-1/8" X 15/16", 28 X 23mm.
Style: Vikings, Thor, Odeshog.
Weight: 25 to 28 Grams!

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