Silver Viking Thor’s Hammer Triskele Ring


Silver Viking Thor's Hammer Triskele Ring

Price: $29.90.

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Silver Viking Thor's Hammer Triskele Ring has a perfect Mjölnir right up front. The odin's Horns are on it as well. Great knotworked sides as well on this promotional priced ring. Some have asked for a bit lighter and more reasonable Nordic Rings. We prefer to make heavy and powerful but alright. Here you go! Three sizes are available on this and you can let us know at time of purchase which one you want. Any questions? Just get in touch with us using our new chat button in the bottom right corner.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Sizes: 12, 13.5, 14-US.
Top Width Measure: 14.5mm.
Style: Vikings, Thor, Knotwork.

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