Sterling Silver Viking Ring Odin’s Horns


Sterling Silver Viking Ring Odin's Horns

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Sterling Silver Viking Ring Odin's Horns. Sterling Silver Handcrafted by Dragon Soul Jewelry is a nice thick design with no hollowing under the top. One of my personal favorites and one of our best selling Nordic ring designs as well. This is a stand out Viking Celtic style and is chunky enough to last forever. We can make near any size you need so do let us know. Rings like this are getting harder and harder to find. You will not get anything even close to this in the drop ship world. That is all make a buck and make cheap, run away later. We do not operate that way! Dragon Soul Handcrafts and does it's best to make the highest quality around.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 9 to 13-US. 11.5 In Stock!
Weight Is: 27+ Grams.
Top Measure: 3/4" X 3/4".