Viking Nordic Ring Odin’s Ravens


Viking Nordic Ring Odin's Ravens

Price: $49.90.

Metal: Sterling Silver & Brass.
Size: 9-1/4-US.
Width Measure: 1/2", 12.5-MM.
Weight: 17+ Grams.

Viking Nordic Ring Odin's Ravens is a well defined as well as detailed Hugin Mugin Raven Ring. LAST ONE for now too! We will have a cuff bracelet in all Sterling Silver and with the same theme. Coming in soon but you can order. Great if your looking to make a set of some pieces. Look at the twin ravens flying over the mountains. The detail is truly amazing. Other sizes can be ordered easily through our made to order custom program. If you have an idea for a ring? You can contact us and we can begin to make it reality for you.