Viking Skane Thor’s Hammer Ring


Viking Skane Thor's Hammer Ring

Price: $36.90.

Metal: Sterling Silver.
Size: 9 to 13-US.
Weight Is: 17+ Grams.
Top Measure: 13/16" X 3/4".
Theme: Vikings, Thor, Skane Sweden.

Viking Skane Thor's Hammer Ring handcrafted by Dragon Soul Jewelry is a Skane Thors Hammer Ring. This one features a Skane Sweden style Mjollnir Thors Hammer at the top. A Good moderately priced ring for anyone doing Cosplay, Viking events, Renaissance fair, etcetera. We have two different sizes in stock but you can order other sizes if needed easily with our wholesale order process. You can easily contact us using the contact us button on our website. We can also design a Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Ring to suit your taste and budget.

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