Wallet Chain Connectors At Dragon Soul Jewelry:

Sterling Silver Wallet Connectors from Dragon Soul jewelry are just the best! There are tons of inferior Chinese alloy floating around now but they will not last long. The force put on the connector by a heavy Silver Biker Wallet Chain simply breaks the joint where the screw attaches. You won’t be pleased on that day. You chain will just be swinging in the breeze. I make many that also allow for an easy detachment with a uniquely made toggle clasp. This serves a double fold purpose. You can easily detach your wallet to pay for something then just re-attach it to the chain. We think hard about useful hardware!

History And Uses:

Obvious as it may not be the Wallet Chain Connector came about right along side of the Sterling Silver Biker Wallet Chain. One had a great chain for fashion and wallet security but then how to attach it? Well here comes the Silver wallet chain connector. They will most always attach to the wallet with a Chicago screw. You will need a hole in there wallet reinforced by a grommet of some kind is best. The Chicago screw goes right through that and readily allows chain attachment. Almost any design one can dream of is being crafted by Dragon Soul Jewelry. As long as it has a ring and usually a shield it can be used for wallet chain connection.

We can also custom craft a wallet chain connector for you in either Sterling Silver or brass. That choice is yours. Want a connector in Gold? We can make that real as well. There really is not a Jewelry piece we cannot craft. Just get in touch with us and we can handle all the rest. You will have your connector delivered straight to your door. It does not get any better.

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